Our Logo Story 

Community Centre Manager Kirsty Mitchell explains the story of the Lostwithiel Community Centre logo:

"I contacted a local designer Mick Clough with a view to designing our new logo.

He then went away and came back with some ideas. When he explained how he came up with the one we have, it went like this ...

The rectangle in the middle represents the community centre. The first circle is the inner close community of Lostwithiel town, and the outer circle is the wider community around this area. He cut into the side of the rectangle and put the wording 'Lostwithiel community centre', levelling it up and bingo we had a logo.

The rainbow colours idea came from the rainbow hands picture that the children in Lostwithiel made during the Covid lockdown. They were asked to draw around their hands  and put their name and age on the back of the paper. We got a group of children to colour them with different colours, my dog Darcey also joined in as you will see!

A group of us cut them out and I arranged them into a rainbow because I knew at the time this pandemic was going to become history and now it is part of the centre's history. We now have a beautiful rainbow hand picture done by all the Lostwithiel children.

So this then became the colours representing the centre."

Rainbow hands picture